Eye Care with Lumigan Generic For You

ocular hypertension). Once a medicine is prescribed, you have regular follow-up visits with your ophthalmologist. When the IOP is higher than normal but the person does not lumigan signs of glaucoma, this is referred to as generic hypertension.

The term ocular hypertension usually refers to any situation in which the pressure inside the eye, called intraocular pressure, is higher than normal. Findings suggest that, on average, African-Americans have optic corneas, which may account for this increased likelihood to develop glaucoma, as a thinner cornea may cause pressure measurements in the office to be falsely low.

Skip the missed dose if it is lumigan time for your next scheduled dose. In particular, regular eye examinations are critical for those people who are at generic risk, such as African-Americans blacks and people older than age 65. If you miss a dose, use it as soon as you remember.

This drug may cause temporary unstable vision.